Strange World -project 2019-

Strange World_4

Leena Holmström is a photographer and contemporary artist who lives and works in Nothern Finland. Leena`s artist career is rich and fefines the talent and artistry of the artist herself. Leena Holmström is, for the first time, a guest of an exhibition organized by M.A.D.S Art Gallery and, on the occasion, of ”ADRENOCROMO for dinner” she exhibits ”Strange World_4” which is figurative artwork, realized thanks to the use of primed fine art print and aluminum composite board. We are faced with a gloomy desolate atmosphere, the moment imprinted in the image seems suspended in time, the represented subject is perfectly immersed in the context in which it is located. The result of this work is a still image that seems to come out of dystopian and science fiction film, the woman as a subject is twisted and almost changed. The scenario recalls that of desolate and practically abandoned cities. The srorytelling of the work is a real tale of a parallel and distant reality that the artist imagines and is able to capture and print on an aluminum composite board. The elements that trigger this vision are many, starting from the mutation of the womans`s face, which pushes a stroller that is not a real stroller, but a trolley whose content is hidden from us but which triggers the observe`s curiosity. In the background an electrical panel, a destroyd and rusty pipe. Doubts about what may be present around the gloomy and dark corner. These are all elements that lead the observer to ask questions that can find an answer, probably only personal, through the imagination.

Art Curator Martina Viesti


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