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PH21 Gallery Exhibitions 2019-


A Contemporary Photography Gallery

PH21 Gallery is a contemporary exhibition space established in 2012 in Budapest, Hungary. The mission of the gallery is to provide group and solo exhibition opportunities and international exposure for contemporary photographers around the world. To this end we invite emerging and established photographers to participate in our regular calls for entries for solo and themed group exhibitions.


Photographic Visions-Winter 2023

Photographic Visions is a biannual exhibition at PH21 Gallery, showing mini-series of the works of selected artists who submitted their portfolio for our solo exhibition competition. Our aim is to celebrate the work of photographers whose portfolio is progressive and visionary, forwarding photography in the 21st century.

Photographic Visions – Winter 2023 presents three images (in the form of mini-series) from twenty photographers in two sections.



The starting point of the selfportraits ”At the kitchen table” -series is one’s own experiential and also body-recorded information. I discuss in my artworks the presence and absence of the approving gaze in memories and look for my real face in the mirror in vain.  In my dreams and pictures I can see deeper with my subconcius and compassionate eye and everything that was pain is alive. I have lost parts of myself and my ”cup” is only half, but it is full of colours and playfulness.


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